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Disentangling 1/f noise from confined ion dynamics, Faraday Discussions, accepted.
P. Robin*, M. Lizée*, Q. Yang, T. Emmerich, A. Siria, L. Bocquet [arXiv]

Nanofluidics at the crossroads, J. Chem. Phys.
P. Robin, L. Bocquet [journal] [arXiv]

Ion filling of a one-dimensional nanofluidic channel in the interaction confinement regime, J. Chem. Phys.
P. Robin, A. Delahais, L. Bocquet, N. Kavokine [journal] [arXiv]

Long-term memory and synapse-like dynamics in two-dimensional nanofluidic channels, Science.
P. Robin*, T. Emmerich*, A. Ismail*, A. Niguès, Y. You, G.-H. Nam, A. Keerthi, A. Siria, A. K. Geim, B. Radha, L. Bocquet [journal] [arXiv]


Interaction confinement and electronic screening in two-dimensional nanofluidic channels, J. Chem. Phys.
N. Kavokine, P. Robin, L. Bocquet. [journal] [arXiv]


Modeling of emergent memory and voltage spiking in ionic transport through angstrom-scale slits, Science.
P. Robin, N. Kavokine, L. Bocquet. [journal] [arXiv]


Coherent merging of counterpropagating exciton-polariton superfluids, Phys. Rev. B.
T. Boulier, S. Pigeon, E. Cancellieri, P. Robin, E. Giacobino, Q. Glorieux, A. Bramati. [journal] [arXiv]

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