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I am a PhD student working at Ecole Normale Supérieure – PSL (Paris) in the MicroMégas group, under the supervision of Lydéric Bocquet. I am interested in the modelization of complex systems in soft matter and interfacial physics, and in statistical physics.

I am currently looking for a postdoc position in biophysics, neuroscience, or ecology and evolution (starting in autumn 2023).

Detailed CV (November 2022)

My PhD work focuses on the description of water and ions inside artificial nanometric pores (carbon nanotubes, graphene slits…). My work is driven by bio-inspired applications like sensing or computing systems resembling that of Nature. More generally, I study out-of-equilibrium phenomena in biological and artificial systems, with an interest for both theory and experiments.

Topics of interest: Soft Matter; Statistical physics; Hydrodynamics; Biophysics; Nanofluidics; Physical chemistry; Neuroscience; Theoretical ecology and evolution.

Contact: first.last[at]